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Reasons To Update Your Website

Posted by Calico UK - 12:30 on 12 March 2020

Websites today should no longer be looked on as static billboards that advertise your company. Today's customers are more sophisticated than before and want something better than that. Here are 9 reasons why you need to keep your site dynamic and up to date:

1. Visitors to your website want and need reassurance that your site content is up to date and valid. You should review your news, product offerings, prices, monthly specials etc regularly. This will let visitors to the site know that your company is busy and still in business. Also, by keeping content fresh and informative, you give customers a reason to return. There are many ways to do this. You can manually update information, you can create blogs, or you can add RSS feeds to automate the freshness of the content. You can also revisit old content or information items (including blogs) to make them more relevant.

2. Remove references to old products, services and special offers. If your site still shows a 15% discount that ended 6 months ago then that reflects badly on your attention to detail as a company, and sows doubt in the minds of visitors about how accurate the rest of your site is.

3. You need to keep ahead of the competition by adding new products, services and prices. If your rival is offering a new gizmo or giving 25% off a particular service during March, you might want to respond to that by offering something similar or better on your own site.

4. How a site looks, feels and responds can get dated. Photos, fonts, colours, themes, layout, etc all contribute to how old a site looks, and in turn how dated your business looks.

5. Your site should be updated to cope with evolving technology. Do your visitors use PCs, or do the majority of them browse using a phone? Are they using small resolution screens or high resolution? Do they prefer to scroll down to find content or click links? You need to know this and your site needs to respond accordingly.

6. Search engine ranking doesn't just index your site based on the text content but takes many other factors into account. Sites where the content is constant changing will be seen as dynamic and more relevant so will rank higher. Sites that load quickly will be ranked higher than similar sites with slow content. Sites that use https for secure browsing are looked on more favourably than http sites. Sites that are not mobile device friendly will get penalised. In short, search engines will give preference to sites that will deliver the best content to customers whilst also giving them the best browing experience.

7. You may need to update your site to reflect changes in legal requirements. How many sites had to be changed because of the GDPR regulations that came into effect in 2018? Sites may also have to change depending on VAT regulations, accessibility regulation, and dare we mention it - Brexit!

8. Do you measure how effective your site is and take steps to optimise your customer's experience? Do you check which pages are accessed most, and that they are the most accessible for your customers? Do you know how long customers stay on your site? Do your online sales fizzle out somewhere in the process. Have you optimised page load times? Do you know which keywords are being used to find you, and whether you could get more hits by making better use of these search terms on your site? There are many ways to improve your customers' experiences with your site.

9. And inevitably, Security. Almost every day there is news of how hackers have exposed flaws in common software technology. Website software needs to be kept up to date to keep hackers out. For example Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc regularly update their frameworks not only with new features but also to plug security holes. But don't forget to update the plugins, themes and modules that these frameworks use too as they can also introduce vulnerabilities.

Summary - there are many reasons why you should keep your website looking fresh. Go now and take a look at your site to see what you can do to improve things for your customers and ultimately for your business!

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