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Don't Fall Foul of Google's Changes - Executive Magazine Dec 2018

Posted by Calico UK - 10:25 on 14 December 2018

Don't Fall Foul of Google's Changes

We're pleased to be featured in the December 2018 issue of Executive Magazine. We were invited by Inverness Chamber of Commerce to submit some industry news so we opted to advise people about the use of SSL certificates and https:// for their websites. See the article text below.

Find out more about Calico UK SSL certificate services.

Article text:

Don't Fall Foul of Google's Changes

Cyber security isn't exciting, it isn't sexy, but it's important! When Google makes changes to their algorithms and protocols, people have to sit up and listen or risk losing their search engine placings, their online reputation and ultimately customer visits and sales. That's what's happening now to websites that don't support HTTPS.

Calico has been busy trying hammer home this message to their customers and the wider online community over the last couple of months.  We don't want customer sites to come up with a 'Not Secure' message in their customer browsers. We want the websites we host to be busy, popular and successful sites that are trusted by the end consumer. So what do you need to do?

For a website to support HTTPS it needs to have an SSL certificate. The certificate provides traceability to help guarantee that the website was set up by the domain name owner and is not an imposter site. So, for example, the certificate on our website proves traceability from us, as owners of the domain, to the website. 

Also, when you use HTTPS instead of HTTP, you're creating a secure encrypted channel from your PC or device through to the website. No one can listen into the information you're sending to the site (eg passwords) and no one can see what the site is sending back to you (eg bank or personal information). 

Here at Calico, we recommend all our customers add an SSL certificate to their sites to provide HTTPS access for their customers.

Kirsty Pryer - Managing Director - Calico UK

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