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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 01 September 2021

Located beside the beautiful white sands of Calgary Bay, Calgary is a selection of eco friendly accommodation right on the gateway to Mull’s West coast, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The properties available provide eco-friendly accommodation with a high level of comfort, individuality and charm, woodland sculpture walk, café and art galleries all on site, just up the hill from the white sands of Calgary beach. Perfect for a family holiday!

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 26 August 2021

SolSafe is a smart, green, energy storage device that offers an alternative to non-renewable carbon (gas and oil) boilers for the domestic and commercial heating market. SolSafe stores excess energy, which it then returns to the consumer as heat.

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#WhyWordpress? -

Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 11 August 2021

Wordpress is versatile and has allowed me to change my themes and tweak my services over the years.  It’s a good platform to work with as you can add plugins and adjustments as you require to move with your business.

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 09 August 2021

The website was created to highlight the activities of The Soundhouse Organisation, a charitable organisation set up to promote and facilitate live traditional music, mainly in Edinburgh. Until now, Soundhouse has put on live music in houses (hence the name) and other locations but the long term aim is for it to have a live music venue of its own.

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 02 August 2021

The alleged Scottish Highland village of Blackhaven is the setting for our comedy podcasts, featuring a whole host of strange characters, including the hypochondriacal Dr Leckie, the inept Inspector Macyard, pugnacious Auld Foggerty, the highly competitive ladies of the Womens' Institute, wannabe radio host Seymour Strangely, the - well, the very hairy alleged musician Tufty MacNicol, and the grasping shopkeeper Fergus Lamentable.  Then there's Elsie Crabbage who runs the old-style sweet shop, the so-called handymen, Jim and Jeffrey Rogue, the psychopathic Primary 6 boys, and many more besides. What unfolds is usually mayhem, and always hilarious..

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