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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 07 June 2021

Badryrie aims to enable small businesses and individuals to navigate cyberspace, pivot on-line with custom built websites, and improve efficiency through the automation of routine tasks. My name is Patricia McShane and I am the owner of Badryrie. I have over 25 years semiconductor industry experience in both engineering & management roles, backed up with degrees in both Physics and Business. I have a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and latterly worked as a Business Intelligence Engineer.

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 24 May 2021

Here at Digicast (UK) we make 3D digital models and environments for VR simulations and games. We also do a bit of game development ourselves, as well as 3D animation and the processing of head scans for digital doubles. Our main clients are in Japan and Taiwan, and they’ve given us an astonishingly wide range of projects to work on. We’ve made Virtubers, warships, ski resorts, haunted houses and a Jackson 5 tribute band made up entirely of cartoon cats.

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 21 May 2021

Glachbeg Croft Centre is a working farm on the Black Isle that provides a positive environment for people with Additional Support Needs to develop and grow as individuals. We tailor placements for individuals based on their needs and their potential, using the context of the farm to provide a constructive, hands-on service to offer benefit to the people that need it - all while having fun at the same time!

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 19 May 2021

I’m an athlete, explorer, speaker, author, ambassador for possibility and inclusion, and a mindset-heartset coach.  I believe my life purpose is about helping individuals and organisations realise what surprising things are possible when we align our curiosity, passion and purpose and put our intention and energy there. I like helping people ‘Find Inner Gold’: turning challenge into opportunity, transforming the hurdles or difficulties of life into opportunities to learn and develop so that we can find more of that gold inside us, and shine brighter than before.

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Posted by Calico UK - 08:00 on 17 May 2021 was set up to give opportunities to "Take part in Art" whether on practical art activities or to commission special art works. This clever concept is the brainchild of lead artist Richard Nichols, an accomplished figure within the creative world, with a vast experience in business and of running workshops in the UK, Europe & worldwide as well as the on-going solo "Around Britain" collection of unique paintings which are created of Special Places for Special occasions or Special people.

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